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Welcome to Mythic Morocco Tours 

Mythic Morocco Tours, situated in the enchanting southeastern region of Morocco, boasts a rich history and a distinguished team dedicated to providing unforgettable tours. Specializing in crafting immersive package tours for individuals, families, and groups, our experienced drivers possess a profound understanding of the country’s customs and excel at navigating diverse terrains.

At Mythic Morocco Tours, we take pride in offering a plethora of exciting and distinctive opportunities. Whether it’s discovering hidden barbecues, grilling fresh fish by the beach, or engaging in local tea-sipping sessions with inhabitants or nomads in their caves, we ensure a range of unique and culturally enriching experiences.

Our commitment to comprehensive package tours extends to creating memorable moments for our clients. Each journey with us is a carefully crafted exploration of Morocco’s rich landscapes and vibrant traditions. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service, ensuring an unforgettable and authentic Moroccan adventure for every traveler.

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Abderrahmane Oukassi

Founded by Mr. Abderrahmane Oukassi, a passionate and experienced native of the mountains, Mythic Morocco Tours is rooted in a genuine love for an authentic and adventurous Moroccan experience. Born in November 1986 as the third son of a traditional Berber family in a small village in the Dades Valley, Abderrahmane’s journey began with 11 years of formal education. Following in his father’s footsteps, he contributed to building houses in the villages of Dades before relocating to the city of Oujda. There, he worked as a constructor for several years.

After obtaining his driver’s license, Abderrahmane decided to learn to operate heavy machinery, particularly caterpillars, a challenging endeavor that involved controlling massive equipment. Following three years of education, he moved to Marrakech, where he worked in Riads for an additional year. During this time, Abderrahmane decided to pursue a career as a professional driver. He underwent examinations and successfully obtained the necessary qualifications, marking the beginning of his journey as a driver/guide for private and group touristic excursions.

Driven by a deep passion for sharing, Abderrahmane, as a proud Berber, takes joy in providing insights and a comprehensive understanding of Moroccan culture, as well as the rich Berber lifestyle of both his fellow countrymen and his ancestors. His dedication to offering authentic and culturally immersive experiences through Mythic Morocco Tours reflects his genuine pride in his heritage.