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An unforgettable journey through the vibrant landscapes and rich culture of Morocco with Unlimited Mythic Morocco Tours. Our expertly guided tours offer an authentic experience, ensuring optimal comfort and satisfaction throughout your adventure.

Experience Authentic Moroccan Tours

Authentic Journey with Mythic Tours & Travels, unlocking the magic of Morocco where comfort meets authenticity. Our native experts are committed to curating an immersive and unforgettable travel experience, showcasing Morocco’s rich culture, history, and beauty. From wandering ancient medinas to trekking the Sahara Desert, every moment is tailored for your comfort and satisfaction. Discover Morocco’s essence with us.

Tailored Journeys with Unlimited Mythic Morocco Tours :

Crafting Unforgettable Multi-Day Adventures

We recognize that every traveler is distinct. That’s why we specialize in crafting bespoke journeys tailored to your unique interests, preferences, and travel aspirations. Whether you crave cultural immersion, thrilling adventures, or tranquil escapes, our expert team is dedicated to designing a personalized itinerary that surpasses your expectations. From selecting accommodations to arranging activities, every detail of your journey is meticulously planned to guarantee a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Elevate Your Travel Experience :

Productivity Guide for Success with Unlimited Mythic Morocco Tours

Experience Elevated Travel with a Journey into Mythic Morocco, where Endless Exploration awaits, perfectly balancing productivity and relaxation. Our productivity guide empowers you to maximize your time in Morocco, whether for business or pleasure. From efficient travel planning to remote work-friendly accommodations, we ensure you stay productive while indulging in Morocco’s wonders. Let us transform your travel dreams into reality and unlock your journey’s full potential with Unlimited Mythic Morocco Tours.

Exploring Morocco's Diverse Landscapes and Culture

Morocco beckons with its diverse tapestry of bustling cities, serene deserts, and rugged mountains, each ready to be explored. Our tours guide you through this captivating landscape, offering firsthand experiences of Morocco’s vibrant culture and natural splendor. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets of Marrakech’s medina, sleep under the stars in the Sahara Desert, or trek through the Atlas Mountains with our seasoned guides by your side.

Luxury Accommodations and Exceptional Service

We understand the profound impact of your accommodation on your overall travel experience. That’s why we meticulously curate a range of luxurious stays, ensuring comfort, style, and exceptional service every step of the way. Whether you fancy boutique riads nestled in the heart of the medina, eco-friendly desert camps amidst the Sahara’s dunes, or lavish resorts overlooking the Atlantic coast, we cater to every preference and budget. Relax and rejuvenate in style after each day of exploration, reassured that every aspect of your stay has been thoughtfully arranged for your utmost comfort

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Moroccan Authentic experience

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Choose any of our trekking packages Tours to experience the scenic locations, enriched with unforgettable experiences for a comfortable tour.

Bespoke Tours of Ouarzazate: Unforgettable Tours Starting from the Airport. Explore Desert Adventures, Cultural Marvels, and More. Book Now!

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Bespoke Tours of Ouarzazate: Unforgettable Tours Starting from the Airport. Explore Desert Adventures, Cultural Marvels, and More. Book Now!

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Barbara a
Mystisch und wunderschön! Mit Abdu und seiner Organisation eine Tour zu machen ist ein großartiges Erlebnis! Du fühlst dich gut aufgehoben und hast sehr viel Spaß! Du kommst an wunderschöne Plätze, die du als normaler Tourist nicht sehen würdest. Die Wahl der Riads und Übernachtungen sind mit Sorgfalt gewählt und absolut verlässlich!
What a wonderful introduction to Morocco! For our first time in Morocco we used the services of Mythic Morocco Tours (on the recommendation of friends) and we were not disappointed. On our 10-day tour, we were in the good hands of the always good-natured Omar. With his amazing driving skills (while sometimes singing along local Moroccon and Berber songs 😁) he brought us safely from Fez through the desert to Marrakech. He was always at our service and brought us to beautiful and special places that we never would have found on our own (meeting the nomad people, shopping for food on the market in Risani and have it prepared in the local restaurant, sleeping at Riad Belvedere in the middle of the desert, …) Thanks Omar for the amazing trip!
Definitely a company that I would recommend wholeheartedly! We contacted Mythic Morocco tours to book a tour for driving the Dades Valley. They were booked for the dates we requested, but they went out of their way to make a plan for us to experience dades valley. I really would like to appreicate their help in checking our car, find a route for us and suggest all the stops we could make along this route. Not only that, he contacted during our trip to check if we were doing ok and followed up on the plan. I only wish I had contacted him long before to have taken a tour with them. When we plan our next travel to Morocco, we would definitely book with this company to have more in depth experience and have such a kind and helpful person to show us around. * We travelled as a family with small kids
Lieze M
Fabulous experience around Marrakech! In July/ August, we made an unforgettable tour with Mythic Morocco Tours. We had a very warm welcome at the airport by Abdeull. He drove us to Marrakech, where we spent some days and we discovered the city on our own. On day 3, we were happy to see the joyful face of Abdeull again. He took us in his super comfortable jeep for a 3 day ride to the direction of Ait Ben Haddou, Tellouet, Ouarzazate and than to the base of the Toubkal Mountain - with typical Moroccan music on the background 🙂 . On our way to the Toubkal Mountain, we past by the Ourika Valley, on a Sunday, and we could mingle completely with the locals, since the Sundays are family days. We felt absolutely relaxed and safe concerning every aspect of the trip. Best driver ever, best car ever, en best local experience ever! The trip was completely personalised. Love the flexibility of Mythic Morocco Tours, and as well their experience and knowledge of the country. Highly recommended to go on a trip with Mythic Morocco Tours!
Heidi S
Amazing nine day trip with mythic morocco tours My son and I just returned from an amazing nine day adventure with mythic morocco tours. We had an incredible time! Zaid, our driver, was awesome and we thoroughly enjoyed his company. Abdul put together a fantastic itinerary with beautiful Riads/hotels and great restaurants. We enjoyed one night at a luxury tent camp in the desert and that was certainly the highlight of our trip, but there were honestly so many amazing experiences that it is hard to pick just one. We started in Rabat, traveled to Chefchaouen, then Fes, then the desert then through the mountains visiting the Todra and Dades valleys before ending in Marrakech. Due to an issue with timing my husband was not able to make this trip with us. After our experience we are already thinking about another trip where my husband could join in and if and when we decide to do that we would not hesitate to use mythic morocco tours again! Our trip exceeded all expectations from start to finish!
Orly&Yoram Ofer
Great experience in Morocco with Mythic Morocco Tours Dear Abdu, We want to thank you and your company Mythic Morocco Tours for a wonderful trip we made with you, a group of friends from Kamon, Israel (October 2022). For 14 days, you and your wonderful team, which included Hamid, Ziad, and Yosef, traveled with us throughout your amazing country with its many sights and contrasts, through the coastal cities, the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas, the fertile valleys of the Dades, the Todra and the Draa, including an unforgettable experience in the amazing dunes of Merzouga. It was fascinating to get to know Morocco and the Moroccan people through your eyes, the freemen (Imazighen/Imaziɣen, ⵉⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⴻⵏ) and through your personal stories. Abdo, you are a special person, full of personal charm, gentleness, and calm which you instill in those who travel with you. We already miss you, we strongly recommend traveling with you and promise to arrive with a box of Machia on the next trip. Orly (strong woman) and Yoram (Bayden) Ofer, Kamon, Israel
אורנה פ
A wonderful tour with Mythic Morocco Tours We had a perfect 2 weeks tour with Mythic Morocco Tours leaded by abdulrachman, the charming owner. The tour was perfectly organized, we traveled on-road and off-road in 4 comfortable 4x4 cars. The guides that joined abdul to drive the additional cars were excellent, knowledgeable and kind. Very much recommended to book your next trip to Morocco with Mythic Morocco Tours !
Ronen S
Guided tour in Morocco with Abdul It was the first guided tour for me and despite all the concerns it was one of the best tours I have done. The group included 12 person's that most of them were our friends from our village. The man responsible for the success of our tour without a doubt is Abderrachman (Abdul as we called him). Creating a perfect guiding tour we need a leader. Abdul is the perfect leader, He advised us after he learned our needs and created a perfect tour especially for our group. Abdul merged hiking with driving off-road and on-road with amazing adventures. He always listened to us and did his best to make us satisfied. Even if it was not part of the original plan. If you want to have a great tour in Morocco Abduld should be the man for that.
A great tour with Abderrachman and mythic morocco tours We had an amazing trip with abderrachman for 13 days. We are 12 friends that went together. He made a route that contains all the parts of Morocco for us. From the cities, through the Atlas, till the Sahara. A lot of good and interesting experiences all the way. He thinks abaut every detail, he is very kind, polite, open to tell about himselvs and the life of the people in the country. His drivers of the jeeps were excellent, helpful, and fun to be with. I highly recommend Mythic morocco tours.
Ann V
Wonderful holidays in mythical Morocco! Third time that I visited Morocco now, and in the meantime it feels like coming home, thanks to Mythic Morocco Tours and Abderrahmane who always makes a roundtrip through Morocco unforgettable! All is very well organized, splendid Riads to stay at, discovering each time again some beautiful hidden gems, driving along stunning landscapes and always searching for the most authentic experiences. It is always so marvelous that Abderrahmane makes you feel completely at ease with the locals, as he is a berber himself, and he is proud to show us their customs and habits, which makes every trip so very special, in whatever part of the country you're traveling. Thanks a lot Abder, for the very nice memories you have given us again, and thanks a lot for making our vacation so carefree! We could enjoy our holiday to the fullest! We'll be back, with Mythic Morocco Tours of course! Anna

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Mythic Morocco Tours
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Marc VanoverbekeMarc Vanoverbeke
10:39 27 Jul 22
Our first introduction to Morocco was unforgettable! Certainly a mythical Morrocan tour!Abderrahmane mapped out a 11-day honeymoon for us, allowing us to see several pearls from his country. From Marrakech through the Atlas Mountains, from one beautiful Riad to another. We did a camel ride in Tinghir, visited Marrakech, Fez, Meknes,… and fell from one surprise to another. From the wild nature to bustling cities, from nomads to the blue town of Chefchaouen, from the olives to the grand mosque in Casablanca, from the mountains to the coast. What a rich country and what a fantastic guide. It was an incredible experience. Thank you so much Abder for proudly showing us the diversity of your beautiful country!What was very helpful was his knowledge about al the possibilities, in those 11 days to show his country as such. We told him what we wanted to see and what we wanted of our holiday, a mix of culture, nature, experience, relax, gastronomy, and he did it. He guided us on our trip and left us when he felt we wanted time on us own. When it was to much we could tell him and he changes his plans, but when he was certain something was worth to visit he followed his plan.Thanks to Abderrahmane we had a mind blowing experience, we will never forget the nomad caves, al those beautiful riad’s, the Royal cities, the valleys, the mountains, your history. And we will never forget Abderrachmane! Marc & Tine
Grand Beach GalGrand Beach Gal
19:04 29 May 22
I have previously booked and travelled with Mythic Morocco Tours and have always experienced and enjoyed an authentic cultural adventure that has left me with incredible memories! For this trip, I again worked with Abdeull Oukassi, owner/operator of the company to design an itinerary that met my interests and bucket list dreams!! Abdeull is very flexible and kind and provided me with an opportunity to visit an animal sanctuary, Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Refuge and spend time with the Nomads in the caves of the mountains. I experienced the vibrancy of Marrakech; the rugged beauty of Dades Gorges; the historic walls and Fortress of Beni Mellal; the lovely seaside town of Asilah; the beautiful Caves of Hercules and Cap Spartel near Tangier and Casablanca. I highly recommend Mythic Morocco Tours for a dream trip that will leave you with amazing memories! Choukran Abdeull for a perfect trip!
Abdelhak EL MASLOHAbdelhak EL MASLOH
13:09 26 May 21
Mythic Morocco tours owned by Abderrahman had provided the services as described and in a professional way. The hotels he recommended were prefect. Highly recommended
Bub CerBub Cer
13:05 26 May 21
Abdel made this one of the best trips we’ve been on! We had so much fun, seeing more of Morocco than we imagined possible in three days. The long stretches in the car were beautiful and entertaining, and our guide’s care and attention made the whole trip amazing!Our favorite part was the evening in the Sahara desert where we stayed up late drumming round the campfire and solving riddles. All the places we stayed were so beautiful and amazing, we couldn’t believe it!Best regards
Ann VermanderAnn Vermander
20:11 26 Feb 20
Me and my family visited Morocco last summer. Our trip was organized by Mythic Morocco Tours with Abder as our driver and guide. We really enjoyed every minute of our trip! We started in Rabat, continued to Chefchaouen and the imperial cities Fes and Meknes. We had an English-speaking guide in every city. The tours were adapted to the interests of our children. We then went to the south, to the desert, where we had a quad-ride and camel trekking. Fun for the children! Our trip ended in Marrakesh, with stops in Ouarzazate, Ait Ben Haddou, Valley of the Roses and Abder also guided us around in Dades Gorges, with a picinic at the waterfalls. Nice and adventurous walk for the whole family! All the riads and hotels were fantastic and the meals as well. As Abder is a Berber, we learned a lot about the local habits and life of the nomads and of the Moroccans in general. Abder was also very patient with our children and had an eye for their needs. As a surprise he also arranged a lunch with our friends, also travelling through Morocco with Mythic Morocco Tours. Morocco is a beautiful country with splendid nature, magnificent cities and, above all, with warm, friendly and hospitable people. I highly recommend a visit to Morocco, organized by Mythic Morocco Tours!

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